Development services

New Development of Dietary Supplements, Complementary Feeds and Cosmetics

Do you have an idea for a new product, but don't yet know how to implement it? Then contact us. We develop your product from the first idea, through galenics to the ready-to-sell product.

Here you will find a list of dosage forms that we can offer you.

Analysis of the Number of Live Bacteria in your Product

This is essential for the advertised activities of your product, determining the BBD or for analyzing the competition.

Checking the Storage Stability and Best-Before-Date of your Product

For the development and quality assurance of your product as well as for determining the storage stability and thus the BBD, we developed a procedure for probiotics for faster verification of the BBD under stress conditions. The product is tested under stress for 4-6 weeks under up to four climatic conditions. Another point to be examined can be the vapour barrier of the packaging used.

Check for Gastrointestinal Passage

In order to prove to you and your customers that our strains arrive where they are supposed to be – that is in the intestines - we can offer an examination of the gastrointestinal passage for your product.