Food Supplements

Do you want to complete your existing range with probiotics or non-probiotic food supplements or design a completely new probiotic supplement for special functional purposes? Our team of product developers and food technologists is at your disposal! We manufacture probiotics as a food supplement or dietary food. In terms of effect, we can modulate the strain selection to act on specific medical indications.

We offer white label solutions as well as private label options. Depending on your individual requirements.

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Feed Supplements

Your company is in the veterinary sector and you are looking for probiotic animal products? We are an approved feed manufacturer. We are happy to offer you our white label and/or private label solutions for farm animals and pets.

From probiotics for horses, to probiotic granules for cows, to probiotic supplementary feed for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and fish farming - we would be happy to make you an offer and help you to develop and produce, to bottle and label the most suitable probiotic for your target group. For the production of innovative, probiotic products for pets (especially dogs and cats) we have for example the lactobacillus acidophilus strain CECT 4529 in stock. The CECT 4529 has been approved by the EFSA for the production of pet feed for dogs and cats. We would also be happy to use the CECT 4529 for your product idea and private label products if you commission us with the formulation. You can also find product suggestions for white or private labels for pets as demo products in our Shop.

For farm animals we manufacture customized solutions. Please contact us.


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Probiotic Cosmetics

Do your customers want to enjoy innovative probiotic cosmetic products to improve skin quality, protect the skin or even fight skin diseases? Then you should look for advice from us in order to design the right probiotic cosmetics for your target group. With probiotic cosmetics, you differentiate yourself from competitors in the cosmetics segment and definitely expand your area of competence. Since 2019 we have developed our own bacillus lysate for use in cosmetics. We can make this available.

to you as a raw material or we can produce ready-to-sell solutions for you. Please contact us.

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Cultures for Yogurt Production

Do you want to use particularly high-quality probiotic cultures for the production of your yoghurt products? With a wide range of quality yoghurt cultures, we offer value for money with a focus on class, purity and activity. This results in yogurt products that are particularly outstanding - for companies that simply want to be one step ahead! Especially with new developments for the creation of vegan yoghurt fermentations or for the production of lactic acid vegetable products, we were able to round off many a taste nuance with our cultures.

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