Social Commitment

For more sustainability and together against climate change

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to the stability of our planet's ecosystems and to billions of people. Uncontrolled global warming is an enormous threat to peace and prosperity worldwide. According to the basic principle "our actions should be aimed at the well-being of all beings", we want and must urgently change the economic and ecological processes in our world!

Lactopia therefore supports, for example, those employees who come to work in a CO2-neutral manner. We prefer regional sources of raw materials where it is feasible. Together with our customers, we want to switch to more sustainable packaging. We have been living up to this desirable claim since 2020 by using glass jars in large-scale production. In the field of vapour-proof packaging, we are looking for further alternatives with our customers on the supplier side.

We value our international team

Of course Lactopia is a team with people from different nationalities and different religions. For us, this was and is never an issue. We don't want to look at what separates us, but focus on what connects us. This is our work, a principle of mutual recognition and a working ethic.

We support the German Red Cross

The Red Cross is there where politicians are still discussing, partly on their own responsibility and only supported by donations. A few years ago, for example, the Red Cross in Saarland intervened in the refugee issue and provided humanitarian aid when it was needed. We say THANK YOU for that!

We support the Saar children's hospice and palliative care team

Most of us have healthy children. Unfortunately, other families are not so lucky and therefore we are happy to support the Saarland children's hospice.