Create Values

Innovation and Added Value

We have found our vocation in the research, development and production of probiotics. We LIVE this subject and with our ability to implement the latest studies on certain probiotic bacterial strains into marketable products, we are clearly one of the trendsetters in the "scene" in Germany. We have our finger on the pulse of time. We focus on innovative solutions for you in order to generate maximum benefit for the consumer. We not only aim to develop new products, but also to expand existing ones with a significant additional benefit. With our developments we create unique selling propositions for our customers.

Respect, Fairness & Sustainability

A respectful and fair cooperation for the benefit of all is the most important maxim of our company LACTOPIA. We at LACTOPIA live this internally in the team and it shapes our customer relationships externally. Through the uncompromising use of natural raw materials and (where possible) the use of sustainable packaging solutions, as well as through our overall approach, we look for a balance between economic success and ecological sustainability.

High Quality and Stability

For our customers, we constantly check incoming and outgoing raw materials and use raw materials from well-studied sources. The last few years have shown that there must be global changes. This includes higher demands on quality assurance, supply chains and merchandise management.