Microbio-Lab In-House

Our in‑house microbiology laboratory enables us to offer you, as our business customer, various microbiological services quickly and easily:

Analysis of Your Product’s Live Germ Count

This is essential for the advertised activities of your product, determination of the best‑before date and even for competition analysis.
Price: EUR 25 per test.

Stress Test to Verify the Shelf Life and Best-Before Date of Your Product

Determining the shelf life and, as a result, the best‑before date, is vital for development and quality assurance of your product. We have developed a procedure for verifying the best-before date of probiotics under stress conditions more quickly. Products are tested under stress for 4 to 6 weeks. They can be exposed to as many as four different climate conditions. The vapour seal of the packaging used may also be examined.
Price: EUR 500 per product

Strain Identity by MALDI‑ToF

External MALDI‑ToF analysis enables us to examine strains or product samples for strain identity at very low costs. This replaces the PCR examinations, which may be quite elaborate.
Price: EUR 50 per measurement

Verification of Gastrointestinal Passage

We offer gastrointestinal passage examinations for your product in order to document for you and your customers that our strains get to where they can take effect, which is the intestine.
Price: EUR 1,500 per product