Our quality decision

It is crucial for us that our products deliver what they promise. When selecting our raw materials, compliance with the relevant guidelines of the European regulations are only the basis of our own aspirations and actions. Accordingly, our products are subject to constant quality controls and continuous testing. In the price-quality spiral we basically orientate ourselves towards the highest possible quality. From raw material selection to production: We offer you the maximum quality at the best possible price. We stand by that. This means that we are not satisfied with the status quo because we want to meet the increasing quality standards of our customers. For this reason, our focus is not only on innovation, but above all on quality assurance and the associated investigations. Your satisfaction is worth this great effort.

In-house Lab

We maintain our own QA laboratory with microbiology, photometry, moisture determination, titration etc. We have our measurements checked at regular intervals by external certified laboratories. We can only carry out further tests at the customer’s request, such as heavy metals, pesticides, gluten, lactose, etc., through certified laboratories.