Probiotic Supplements

Do you want to expand your current range of functional foods, medicines or food supplements by adding probiotics, or even design an entirely new probiotic supplement for special functional purposes? Our team of product developers and food engineers are on hand to help you realise your product’s full potential!

We produce probiotics as food supplements or dietetic foods. We can modulate the strain selection to achieve effects on specific medical indications, such as:

Cholesterol reduction
Ulcerating colitis
Upset bowels
CA of the large intestine
H. pylori eradiation
Immune response, infections (e.g. of the upper respiratory tract)
Lactose intolerance
Mouth, caries
Necrotising enterocolitis in infants
Neurodermatitis, irritation of the skin
Irritable bowel syndrome
Infant colic
Urogenital area
Vaginal flora
Celiac disease