Customer‑Oriented Individual Solutions

Are you looking for a competent job-order production partner for probiotics? Would you like to use existing white‑label probiotic products applied with your branding? Do you prefer a private‑label solution developed specifically for you?

White Label

Our white-label customers can generally choose any product listed in our web shop, at a minimum purchasing quantity of 250 packaging units per order. Request a price list for your desired product with scale quantities.

Private Label

We will produce your customised private‑label solution starting at a quantity of 1,000 packaging units (or 60,000 capsules) per order. We can provide a calculation for your own product idea. If you are not set on a specific project yet, why not take advantage of our treasure chest? It’s filled with several hundred recipe suggestions for you to propose a product that matches both your sales channel and your customers’ needs.

We produce your probiotic products as:

powder in a jar
powder in sachets
capsules in a jar
capsules in blisters
direct granulate in sachets
probiotics in oil in bottles
probiotics in cosmetic recipes (in dispensers or spray bottles)
probiotic lysates in water or oil