Together against Climate Change

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to the stability of the ecosystems of our planet and to billions of people. Uninhibited global warming is an enormous threat to peace and prosperity worldwide. In keeping with the Buddhist basic principle of aligning our actions with the wellbeing of all living creatures, we urgently desire and require changes to the economic and ecological processes in our world!

What Can We Do Together with Our Customers?

We would like to switch to more sustainable packaging in cooperation with you. This is why we are about to commence bottling in glass jars for large productions (no matter the disadvantages involved) in 2020. Unfortunately, this is the only option we see on the provider’s side in our area of vapour‑sealed packaging.
We offer financial incentives to our employees who come to work in a CO2-neutral manner.

We Support the German Red Cross

The Red Cross takes action while politicians are still engaged in debate. Sometimes, they do so under their own responsibility and backed by nothing but donations. For example, the Red Cross took action in regard to refugees a few years ago, providing humanitarian aid when it was needed. THANK YOU for this!

We Support the Kinderhospiz- und Palliativteam Saar

Most of us have healthy children. Some families, unfortunately, are not so lucky. This is why we wholeheartedly support the Saarländisches Kinder-Hospiz.