Many years of experience in Probiotics

Lactopia is specialized in microbial solutions developed from the fermentation of bacteria. As a teenager Martin Monzel, Managing Director of Lactopia, has been treated with probiotics. Based on his positive experience, since then he became a missionary advocate for probiotic products. It was only a logic consequence that in 2013 he founded the company as a start-up at the Campus of the University of Saarland state. Since its founding, the company has been accompanied by the co-shareholders, medical doctor Götz Beylich-Oswald and Prof. Marc Schneider, Head of the Institute of Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of the Saarland.

More effective formulations

The aim and desire of Lactopia is to develop more effecitve, probiotic formulations for food supplements and people well-being, for animal nutrition, for cosmetics and for environment quality. Lactopia offers to its customers a wide range of pure strains, applied products and contract manufacturing services.

New standards and successes

The Lactopia customers value our competence, our reliability, our openness and our endeavour to develop again and again better products for the market. Lactopia is one of the few producers in Germany that manufactures probiotics in organic quality (bio-certified since 2015). Additionally Lactopia also is HACCP-certified. Based on the uncompromising use of natural raw materials with the aim of high product quality, Lactopia brings ecology and economy in harmony.

Probiotics are our passion!