Our Unique Selling Proposition

So far, probiotics have usually been absorbed from dairy products or food supplements. Lactopia’s innovative idea is the production of a specialized probiotic formula for the external application of probiotics. Just like our immune system strengthens the body from the inside, Lactopia’s cosmetic products aim at strengthening our skin flora from the outside by protecting the balance of our skin’s microbial ecology, which is constantly affected by the use of shampoos and biocidal deodorants.

Strong Customer Benefits

By applying probiotic microorganisms directly on the skin and/or an add-on treatment, it is possible to create a skin environment in which other harmful organisms cannot exist while the healthy skin flora can regenerate. A further distinguishing feature is that our products do not contain any dangerous additives. Since we follow the guidelines for natural cosmetics, our products are free of synthetic dyes or fragrances, ethoxylated commodities, silicones and paraffins.

Our Services

Are you looking for new, innovative cosmetic formulations?
We develop probiotic formulations in the area of cosmetics for you and provide you with s finished products upon request. You obtain marketable WhiteLabel cosmetics from us. Your idea, our implementation.

We also offer the following services:
- Cosmetic safety assessment
- Notification pursuant to the Cosmetics Directive (KVO)
- Microbiological tests on your product

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