Probiotics in aquaculture

The basic probiotic principle also works in the area of fish farming and aquaculture: Pathogenic germs cannot cause damage where good microorganisms are settled and where they occupy ecological niches. Our exclusive partner is specialised in the used of probiotics in aquaculture. With this cooperation, we can offer different fish farming solutions for our customers.

Our services

We deliver the necessary cultures as raw materials or marketable products. Depending on the fish species and the production system, the aim is to offer the optimal blend of various types of cultures. Our formulations directly affect fish health and water quality. We refer to a portfolio of more than 30 types of probiotic. Thus, we can cover the following two segments with our intelligent blends:

Feed & aqua probiotics

The species-specific formulation of our feed probiotics allows us to offer blends, which guarantee a clear increase in feed utilisation and the efficient stimulation of the immune system. Depending on the fish species, the corresponding ecosystem and the production volume, we offer highly soluble aqua probiotics, which result in the efficient increase of water quality and have been shown to have a direct influence on fish health.

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