With our research and development we have the finger on the pulse of time. We solve problems innovatively and thus generate the maximum benefit for the consumer. However, we don’t only develop new products but we also increase the added value of already existing products. With our development we create unique selling propositions for our clients!

Best Quality

It is crucial to us that our products deliver what they promise. When choosing our raw-materials, the compliance with the EU Regulations (Cosmetics Regulation and Food Supplements Directive) is just the basis of our standards and actions. We also orientate ourselves on the guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics. Accordingly, our products undergo strict quality control as well as continuous testing.

Fairness & Sustainability

A fair and sustainable production has highest priority for our company. Due to the use of natural raw-materials and our working standards, we can guarantee eco-friendly and economically viable products. The relationships with our partners are also marked by these premises.

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