20 years of experience

The company owners have dealt with the topic of probiotics for more than 20 years.
Martin Monzel, Managing Director of Lactopia, has been treated with probiotics since the age of 16. On the basis of his personal and positive experiences with using probiotics, he became a missionary and advocate of probiotic medicine. The predecessor of Dr. med. Beylich-Oswald pioneered the use of probiotic medicine on his patients more than 25 years ago. Our shareholder Dr. med. Beylich-Oswald brings this know-how to Lactopia. Since our company was founded, Prof. Dr. Marc Schneider has also been at our side as a consultant and shareholder. Thus, we enjoy the support of a university institute in the area of biopharmacy. Mr Dipl-Kaufm. Holger Maaß also works as the commercial management in the financial department as a further shareholder.

More Effective Formulas

Our aim and wish was not just to use products available on the market, but to develop more effective formulations. The biotechnological know-how of Martin Monzel and the medical expertise of Dr. med. Beylich-Oswald are the pillars on which Lactopia was built. With this cooperation, we constantly develop and produce new formulations for the improved health of the consumer. The satisfaction of our customers confirms the effectiveness and quality of our products.

New Standards

Lactopia is the developer of dozens of probiotic formulations and cultures and it has profound knowledge in the area of probiotics. Our customers appreciate our reliability, our openness and expertise… for better products on the market.

2013 Lactopia received EXIST funding from the Federal Government.
2014 Lactopia was a prize-winner at the international business competition 1,2,3-Go!
2015 Organic certification DE-ÖKO-013
2016 HACCP certification, Dekra

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